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LinkedList NYC

Issue #64 - May 2, 2012

Hi Listheads,

Be careful while reading this week's List; it's issue #64, and we're worried it's 2-powerful.

Tonight, 5/2

Dorkbot meetup talk 7pm 26 Greene St, Manhattan
Three short talks loosely connected to "people doing strange things with electricity." The List usually enjoys Dorkbot, despite the sometimes inflated language on its website.

Tomorrow, 5/3

The Story of Milk & Cookies class $13 6:30pm 515 Court St, Brooklyn
The history of milk and cookies and their role in Western cultures. We suspect you'll learn that Google isn't the only advertising company that uses cookies to milk people for money.

Functional Programming Drinkup drinkup 7pm 211 Ave A, Manhattan
Drinks in the East Village with a bunch of functional programming enthusiasts. [This is the best type of drinkup because the drinks have no side effects. - Ed.]

Satuday, 5/5

The Great Saunter outdoors 7am 93 South St, Manhattan
The List can think of few things more appealing than this 32-mile walk around the perimeter of Manhattan. Pre-registration is closed, but walk-on's are welcome. The List would definitely be there if we didn't have 10 hours of meetings on Saturday. Next year!

Reading you won't regret

Building a language in LLVM lowlevel many hours
An in-depth tutorial for writing your own language in OCaml using LLVM. By the end, you'll have a language with its own lexer, parser and AST that compiles to LLVM bytecode. You'll even build JIT support! (H/t to Friend of the List Malcolm for the tip.)

A fun idea

Go look at dirt. Inconspicuously nestled on Wooster just south of Houston is the New York Earth Room, a room filled with 250 cubic yards of dirt. It's free and open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, from 12 to 6pm (save for the half-hour it's closed between 3 and 3:30pm). Alas, you can't play in the dirt, but you can reflect on the unlikely series of events -- the gradual evolution of the human species, the development of modern cities, the accumulation of capital -- that led to people to fill one of the most expensive locations on Earth with... earth. (H/t to Friend of the List Novalis for the tip.)

That's all for this week. Send jokes, tips, and rants to

Peace out, cub scouts.

Nick & Dave

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