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LinkedList NYC

Issue #53 - February 15, 2012

Hi Listheads,

Here's a challenge: Send us the clearest, most concise definition of monads you can write or find. Whoever sends the best explanation wins $100k. Maybe.


R in Forensic Science meetup $5 7pm 841 Broadway, Manhattan
CUNY professor Nicholas Petraco will talk about using stats and R in criminal forensic science work. The List finds statistics fascinating. For instance, based on 2010 NYC crime data, we can assume about 44 criminals are reading this very email. Crazy!

This weekend

Porkfest @ Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden food Feb 17-19 29-19 24th Ave, Astoria
The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden (read: the only place in Astoria you've ever been to) is hosting Porkfest this weekend. Three days of pork, live music, beer and pork. Sounds delicious. [Porkfest? We thought Valentine's Day was yesterday?! -Ed.]

Wednesday, 2/22

How to Write a Simple Compiler @ Jane St class Feb 22 1 New York Plaza, 33rd fl
The List thinks everyone should know how to build a compiler. The world would be a better place if everyone wrote their own language [Just look at Esperanto. -Ed.]. The compiler will be written in OCaml and use LLVM for code generation, which means you will probably learn something.

The future

Starting a Rooftop Orchard class $20 Feb 25 515 Court St, Brooklyn
Take this class to learn how to start a garden on your roof and grow your own fruit. Have fun, but be careful: You don't want to turn into one of those insufferable Michael Pollan fanatics [They're only a notch about serial killers and Malcolm Gladwell fans. -Ed.].

Reading you won't regret

jQuery is a Monad functional programming 25 min
Whenever the List meets a Haskell programmer, we ask for an explanation of monads. Friend of the List Josh Bronson gave us this article in an attempt to help us monadic enlightenment. While we still don't understand monads, we think this is a worthwhile read.

Something to watch during lunch

Conway's Game of Life in APL whoa! 8 min
APL is a programming language written with Greek symbols that requires a special keyboard to write. Don't worry if it makes you feel a bit stupid at first. It might take you a few viewings to fully grasp how Conway's Game of Life is implemented in two lines of code without any loops or temporary variables.

A fun idea

Go to McDonald's for a little culture. But don't go to just any McDonald's, go to the one downtown at 160 Broadway. As you enter you'll hear a pleasant melody coming from above; that's contemporary composer and pianist Andrew Shapiro. He plays there atop a tiny loft every Sunday between 12 and 4pm. Go enjoy his blend of classical and elavatorial music, and ponder just how they got that piano up there. (H/t to Roommate of the List Katherine Erickson for the delightful find.)

That's all for this week. Send jokes, tips, and rants to

Peace out, cub scouts.

Nick & Dave

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